How One Deep Breath Can Help You Change Your Habits

How One Deep Breath Can Help You Change Your Habits If you have an obstacle (big or small), he has a great approach that is immediately useful for anyone. There are just four steps: Take a breath. Ask yourself: “What are you feeling right now?” Determine: “What is the outcome I want in this moment?”…

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Why Yoga for Stress Relief?

Parents are stressed….so are our children! Life can be stressful. For starters, there’s your busy schedule — waking up super early for school, studying late at night for tests, juggling sports practice, homework, and meals. It’s a lot to balance! Positive thoughts can reduce stress. What inspirational words help you feel better? Advice from familyInspirational…

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5 Ways to Calm Your Kids with Meditation

If parents are stressed, how about our children? Back to school is a transition. After long summer days of swimming, playing baseball in the park and riding bikes with best friends, kids are suddenly expected to spend hours sitting still behind a desk. Finding focus in the classroom after summer break is a challenge for most…

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A lot of teens believe that Yoga is not for them, but Yoga promotes unification of body and mind, and as you practice, it will increase your awareness and your ability to look within, think for yourself, and trust yourself. The result is that you will feel more peaceful and self-confident during a period of rapid change and be able to engage the world with a more positive outlook.

During puberty and the later teen years, immense changes are taking place in the body’s chemistry and physiology. The chakras are also developing and becoming more active at this time. Imbalances of the chakras, bodychemistry, and physiology often show up in rebellion and mood swings. The regular practice of yoga can help you maintain balance in the different chakras and keep the spirit and soul strong and healthy, thereby benefiting both the body and mind.

Try these poses:






According to yoga philosophy, a healthy spine creates balance and is a conduit to a sound mind. Yoga is designed to stimulate the nerves running along the spine. Poses involving twists and upside-down positions are especially effective for this purpose. When you practice all categories of yoga poses-seated, standing, lying down on your stomach or back, and upside down-you cause each vertebra (bony segment of the spine) to be slightly separated from the ones above and below it. Creating space between the vertebrae serves to ‘plump’ the disks between them, allowing energy to flow freely to the brain and giving the blood a clear passageway to circulate in a healthy manner.

The third annual Children of The Lotus Workshop and Back To School Drive. A fun day for children and parents of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Come learn about how to help your children gain insight to building self confidence, self-esteem, peer pressure and study skills for the 2015-2016 school year.

Join more than 150 children from around Miami Gardens, Opa-Locka, West Park, Mirarmar, Pembroke Pines and Liberty City. This year we are expecting more than 200 children to experience meditation, yoga, mindfulness, vision boards for children and self empowerment workshops.

Parents will have the opportunity to receive free massages and health screenings.

We are exited to have a new line up of speakers dedicated to enriching the lives of the children and parents of the 3rd annual Children of The Lotus-Back To School Drive.

Registration is limited and closes on July 31 at 8:00 pm

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Imagine if meditation was a regular part of school life for children. Just think how different the world would be. If every child was able to connect to the ocean of consciousness that permeates all that is, the desire to do wrong by others would dissolve. Meditation allows us to discover through experience the truth of who we really are.

The problem in today’s society is that we are constantly running from ourselves, and consequently from the truth. We’re so occupied with work and social events that we never take the time to discover who we truly are at the core of our being. Most of us learn to be something we are not. We learn to fit in, to conform and to abide by social norms. We learn how to put on a mask in front of other people. We learn how to be slaves to our own ego. We become so good at running from ourselves that we can’t stand the thought of ever taking off the mask we’ve become comfortable wearing. So we betray ourselves and we let our ego roam free. We become numb to the world and every living creature in it. We sell our soul for an illusion of who we are, and deep down, a part of us knows that we are on the run. Many of us have no hope of ever reconnecting with the self as we have run too far…

What if we never started running from ourselves in the first place? What if we learned to be at peace with ourselves from an early age? If schools taught meditation, children would unearth their own passions, their own interests and their own creative potential. They would not be so bothered by their own insecurities and would learn to live for the moment instead of always reaching for somewhere where they are not. Meditation helped me find meaning in my own life. I would not be following my heart and trying to change the education system if it weren’t for meditation. It connected me to the deepest yearning of my own soul, and aligned me with my life’s purpose. Children who practise meditation on a regular basis would not be so prone to stress, worry and illness. They would also develop stronger bonds with all living things and have less of a need to compete with their peers.


The Death of Imagination

Our greatest power to consciously create lies in the “mental technology” known as Imagination.Everything begins with imagination. It is stronger and more powerful than any action that we take in the world. Isn’t it interesting that traditional schools shut down imagination?

If you cut off a child from his imagination, you have cut him off from his power to consciously create his life. The System does not support imagination because it needs people to follow along and do what they are told in order to feed and sustain it. If everyone used their imagination and thought for themselves, most dysfunctional systems would break-down very quickly.

To The System, a child’s imagination is the enemy, and therefore must be suppressed at any cost.

Unknowingly, we, as parents, do the same to our children – only because it was done to us, and we have been brainwashed to believe that children must let go of their imaginative powers in order to succeed in life – or rather to succeed in The System. When we are awake, we can easily see that true success comes from the power of one’s imagination and the freedom to express it – ultimately manifesting in tangible results.

Let me be clear – there are some schools that support and encourage the free and natural development of children, but the schools to which I am referring are established, and run, by government institutions that are invested in keeping future generations in line and asleep.

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