Expression of Gratitude From Pamela Reid

The launch is over…the real work begins… it would behoove me not to give homage to my Universal Truth Center Family for the foundation that I obtained to prepare me for DreamCatchers for the Soul. I would like to thank Rev Dr. Mary Tumpkin, Rev. Charles M. Taylor, Rev. Anna Price, Rev Lottie Clodfelter, Barbara Cobb, Jacqueline Hazel, Sheila Mckeithen and The late Virginia Clemons who sat with me for hours helping me to uncover my spiritual gifts, Jackie Morris for bringing me to UTC and all my classmates, who were also my teachers. It was there I got the message to attend Seminary School and it was there that I obtained this idea called “Dream catcher for the Soul” fully clothed. I can never forget from whence I came….Namaste