Alma Stevens- Director, Life Coaching

Alma Stevens- Director Spiritual Counseling

Rev. Alma began her search for Truth at 25 years of age and has continued learning since that time.  She has lived the teachings of Science of Mind since that time and is one of the oldest ministers in service for the organization.  She has taught students who embraced the teachings and entered the ministry of Religious Science.

Since Religious Science is a   teaching of Spiritual Psychology, many of her students have changed their lives because of her teaching.  She is an interesting person as she is knowledgeable of human behavior and teaches her students how to overcome the behaviors that do not support their life.  She is humorous, intelligent and has knowledge of many subjects regarding life and living.  Her studies led her to obtain a degree in Bible Studies to further explore life.  Her tenure as minister has had many obstacles as the religion requires one to “do it yourself.”

For the past 50 years she has been a living example of a Spiritual Warrior in that she was born during one of the many economic depressions of the United States.  She overcame many social problems presented by the world, as her ministry is for all people.

To take responsibility for ones life is a challenging project which means that one acknowledges the behaviors that attracted the events into their life and take responsibility for the consequences. There is no blame – even for the self.  She has touched many lives and this world is a better place because she gave much of her life to helping people to help themselves.




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