Yvonne P. Morris- Director, Mind and Body


Yvonne P. Morris, MS, CHLC Director, Mind & Body

Yvonne P. Morris is an author, speaker, and holistic wellness coach with a passion for inspiring, uplifting and transforming lives through her words, and has facilitated numerous empowerment workshops and seminars. Notably, In 2008 she was invited to speak at the national HR conference in Orlando, FL where she introduced audiences to the importance of recognizing the employees’ Spirit/Mind/Body connection. In 2009 she presented a similar workshop at the HRABC regional conference in Ft. Lauderdale and in 2012 to Broward College employees, focusing on mindfulness in teaching. In 2014 she represented Dreamcatchers for the Soul as a speaker at the Early Learning Coalition of Miami annual conference, and introduced educators to the mindfulness concept. Yvonne is a college professor, who also directs an inner-city after school program for children considered to be “at risk”. She is the author of the book Balance: Meditations and Prayers for Everyday Life, has recorded three wellness CDs: INtime, Guided Meditation, and Total Relaxation, and has written and published a number or inspirational cards and articles.
Yvonne holds a master’s degree in HR Management from Nova Southeastern University, a graduate certificate in communication from Walden University, and will graduate in August 2016 with a master’s degree in communication from Walden University. She received the designation of Certified Holistic Life Coach from Spencer Institute/NESTA, has completed certificate programs in Meditation from the University of Central Florida & Allegra Learning Solutions; Journaling: Healthy Living through Self-Discovery, and Music Therapy and Sound Healing from Allegra Learning Solutions. She has been a student and practitioner of meditation and other holistic wellness practices for over 25 hears.
As the Holistic Wellness Director for Dreamcatchers for the Soul Foundation, Inc., Yvonne brings a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching people of all ages how to tap into the Spirit/Mind/Body connection through mindfulness/meditation, visualization, relaxation, conscious breathing, and journaling.

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