The Breath

Children are now, and have always been, the future of the world, and the young here now are very special souls who have come to help us transition through the chaos of the last vestiges of the Piscean age to the golden years of the New Age and the 1000 years of peace ahead. Many children feel overwhelmed dealing with so many conditions that are unique to these unprecedented and fast-moving times.
Some of the trying conditions facing the youth of the world today are, drug addiction at an epidemic level, increased peer pressure, media poisoning and programming, mass murders at schools, environmental crisis, mobile society, high divorce rate, and living in a world that could end at any moment, just to name some. The need for a powerful and transformational tool for our children couldn’t be greater.
Transformational Breath® can offer children so many solutions to what they are now facing and give them the most valuable resource to enhance their lives, every day, in every way.