Yoga for Teens

A lot of teens believe that Yoga is not for them, but Yoga promotes unification of body and mind, and as you practice, it will increase your awareness and your ability to look within, think for yourself, and trust yourself. The result is that you will feel more peaceful and self-confident during a period of rapid change and be able to engage the world with a more positive outlook.

During puberty and the later teen years, immense changes are taking place in the body’s chemistry and physiology. The chakras are also developing and becoming more active at this time. Imbalances of the chakras, bodychemistry, and physiology often show up in rebellion and mood swings. The regular practice of yoga can help you maintain balance in the different chakras and keep the spirit and soul strong and healthy, thereby benefiting both the body and mind.

Try these poses:






According to yoga philosophy, a healthy spine creates balance and is a conduit to a sound mind. Yoga is designed to stimulate the nerves running along the spine. Poses involving twists and upside-down positions are especially effective for this purpose. When you practice all categories of yoga poses-seated, standing, lying down on your stomach or back, and upside down-you cause each vertebra (bony segment of the spine) to be slightly separated from the ones above and below it. Creating space between the vertebrae serves to ‘plump’ the disks between them, allowing energy to flow freely to the brain and giving the blood a clear passageway to circulate in a healthy manner.